Onyx Digital Genome Engineering Platform to ease and enhance Adaptive Laboratory Evolution experiments

Application Note

The ability to precisely engineer the entire genome of microorganisms at a massively parallel scale using the Onyx platform will reshape the manner in which researchers perform experiments and generate data sets.

In this application note developed in collaboration with Dr. Markus Herrgård, Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability, Onyx technology was used to rapidly recapitulate ALE-derived mutations engineered into the 
E. coli genome. The resulting edited cell pools were subjected to chemical stress with p-coumaric acid or isobutyric acid and individual cell responses were tracked through barcode sequencing, showing unique genome variants that result in chemical tolerance. These data are broadly useful in understanding biochemical responses generally, and can be used to gain a new biochemical understanding of specifically probed genes.

The Onyx technology enables rapid and accurate recapitulation of strains identified in ALE experiments, and further allows for generation of initial cell populations for subsequent evolution experiments distinct from the limitations of stochastic or deterministically limiting evolutionary paths typically accessible to ALE experiments.

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