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CRISPR-based microbial engineering on a massive scale, only with the Onyx™ Digital Genome Engineering Platform.

Successful engineering of microbial strains is an essential part of microbial fermentation-based manufacturing. Fortunately, the Onyx Digital Genome Engineering Platform simplifies the entire process.

Now you can accelerate strain development on an integrated platform that includes everything you need—the benchtop instrument, software, and chemistry. You simply select any edit type you want in any location across the genome and the platform does the rest.

Think what you can accomplish

You’ll develop efficient microbial strains in record time using automated CRISPR-based genome engineering right on your benchtop. Suddenly, optimizing key genes and pathways becomes much simpler and faster. Novel genomic targets are more quickly discovered. Production titers can be rapidly increased. And strain growth can be readily improved, even in difficult fermentation environments. 

The Onyx platform offers:
  • Push-button automation for never-before-seen genome editing at a massive scale—thousands of edits in a few days
  • The power to design and engineer any type of mutation across the full genome in a single experiment
  • The ability to fully track edits in every cell

Even better, operation is extremely intuitive and requires no special training.

Transform the capabilities of your strain engineering with the Onyx Digital Genome Engineering Platform.

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Onyx technology was used to rapidly generate genome-wide knockout and promoter-ladder libraries in E. coli. The resulting libraries were applied to pooled growth cultivations in the presence of four inhibitory compounds common to biomass hydrolysates to quickly generate a rich data set of both validating and novel gene function.
Download the application note to learn more about this study.